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Number Porting

Are you moving offices or closing offices?

Then we can help you by porting your number to our Voip platform, This doesnt mean You need a new system as we can direct that number to another landline or mobile and you just pay normal callcharges.

If you do have a Voip system the number can be delivered to that as SIP or IAX so you can be based anywhere in the world.

This means that your existing customers do not need to learn a new number and you dont have to pay expensive call diversion charges, all it costs is £3 per month in most cases.

It is now possible to port all BT and Virgin Media geographic area code telephone numbers. Non-geographic numbers beginning with 08 (e.g 0800, 0870, 0845) can also be ported, as can 08 numbers supplied by Energis. We are also able to port numbers from some existing VoIP providers such as Sipgate (providing you have their agreement to do so).


Unlimited Packages

More than 10,000 Gradwell lines are used by SME customers with their own onsite PBXes. Calls are connected either to SIP-based phone systems (for example, 3cx on Windows) or Asterisk using the IAX protocol.

To support these users, We are pleased to announce that we are now offering  Inclusive Calls UK and International SIP/IAX Trunk products.

These products:

• are designed for businesses with up to 5 people, making up to 4,000 minutes of inclusive calls per month

• gives a small business a known, fixed monthly fee for its calls

• are suitable for any customer with its own onsite Asterisk server or SIP- based PBX.

There are two new tariff options available:

1. UK Unlimited Trunk tariff – offering unlimited UK calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers (subject to a fair use check at 4,000 minutes)

2. International Unlimited Trunk tariff – offering Unlimited International Calls to landlines (same fair use check applies) in the main 35 Western countries.

There is now limit on concurrent calls so all your users can make calls at the same time. all we ask is that you make your self aware of the 4000 inclusive minutes and if you feel you will go over this you purchase for example 2 packages as this will give you 8000 minutes.

2 1/2 years and still going strong

In late 2005 We we approached to replace an aging Panasonic system for a British Public School.
The driving force for moving to voip was that the site was spread over a wide area and different buildings and to provide telephones to the remote buildings would prove too expensive.
The system was replaced with a central Asterisk server with nearly 80 extensions. The core LAN was upgraded to Netgear Layer 3 switches with Powerdsine POE midspans.
The remote buildings added extra complexity as one was on the other side of a public road.

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Sip attacks are on the increase, Read or article on Sip security and look at the ITSPA document as well to make sure you are secure


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